He had a box of the finest quality, wrapped in shimmering paper and tied with a seductive satin bow delivered to me today.  Peaking from beneath the ribbon a note hand written by him. “Only utilize the items within to prepare for me by 7 pm sharply.” I feel a twinge stir within my core a the words on the antique paper.  I carry the box to my bed and prepare myself for what lies within.  I remove the boxes bondage and lift the lid to only be greeted by five more expertly wrapped boxes.  The first box I unwrap is hiding my favorite bath oils, lotions and shampoos.  The second box reveals the most gorgeous choker made of diamonds and black pearls with matching earrings.  The third box is heavier than the rest and as I peel the lid off I now know why.  It has been holding a pair of black thigh high boots which have been embellished with diamonds. The fourth box holds the biggest secret yet, a slinky black piece of silken fabric that appears to be what I will be wearing this evening.

As I prepare to get ready for the evening my anxiety is at an all time high as if I have no control at all about what I am actually preparing myself for and as much as it scares me it sets my core on fire with anticipation.  As I take one last look in the mirror my anxiety rises to levels indescribable being that so much of me is exposed for everyone to enjoy.  The thin straps tie at my neck and take a deep plunge revealing my cleavage and the fabric clings to my hardened nipples.  The fabric then continues over my curves and lands high on my thigh.  However when I turn to see the back of the dress , or lack there of my breath catches in my throat as my back portrait is exposed for the world to see and then the fabric begins at the beginning of the curve of my bottom and barely able to cover.  The boots cry out of the end of the fabric but it is playing very hard to get.  With these thoughts the bell rings and I am pulled away from my internal conflict which makes my heart rate increase because in fact there is no turning back now as I allow you to lead me to the unknown.

The stares of the women and men as we leave the lobby of the hotel have me with an added sway in my hips as the cool material of the dress caresses my body.  We make it to your waiting Rolls Royce Van and your driver greets me with a nod and a smile.  As we settle in our sets your driver has begun his quest through the city streets.  You fire up the Kush and the intoxicating aroma instantly begins to clam my insecurities.  As we continue to indulge in nature’s medicine you caress my thigh teasing the seam of my dress as it creeps down my legs.  Exposing even more skin as it tickles my skin with a seductive twist as the people hurry about their lives on the other side of tinted glass.  My eyelids are heavy, flirting with darkness as I am wrapped up by melodies pouring from the speakers and place me a million miles away as the longing within grows instantly into a raging fire when you grab me by my neck and take my mouth forcefully. I’m hanging on my a thread as my body does not feel as if it is any longer my own.  You  take my kisses and massage my breasts through the sheer fabric sending tremors throughout my core.  You leave my lips swollen with desire, and begin testing my limits. You continue your torture by rolling my nipples through your fingertips in a rhythm that is taking control of my being.

You begin questioning me. Have I been good? Or, have I been bad? Tell me what you want. I think you like this, do you like when I do this? Do you want him to watch as I have my way with you? I can’t think, I can’t breathe, my moans roll across my lips on their own as I fight a losing battle within myself. I knew this was a possibility the minute I placed his choker around my neck. I am his. His for pleasure, pain, play, and most of all for my pleasure, pain and play.


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