Music is playing in the background, only light filling the room is the moonlight from the open window.  As I lay upon the bed I watch the shadows dance across the room.  As the familiar aroma of Kush fills the air.  You lay down next to me with a devilish grin on your face , as if you have something planned. As the smoke fills my lungs and the air, my anxiety is replaced with an altered state as I let gates voice penetrate my thoughts and place me at ease.  You leave my side and turn the music up, I watch you as you disappear around the corner, I lean back against the pillows and close my eyes as I let the Kush take me a million miles away.  I sense your presence when you return and when my eyelids open you have loosened your tie and rolled the sleeves of your dress shirt up to your elbows.  I watch as you move about the room lighting candles that I wasn’t aware of before now.  You make your way back to me and ask me , “do I trust you”, my breath gets caught in my throat with this sample statement and I am only able to choke on my response. “Yes”. You pull out a black satin blindfold from your dress pants pocket and lean forward as you close this world off from my sight. My mind races in a thousand directions but the kush has me at ease.  I feel your body weight next to me on the bed, your hands begin caressing my skin, I feel the weight shift in the bed and the fabric of my dress sliding up my thighs, I hear your moan of pleasure as you discover my crystal blue secrets.  A grin comes across my lips as I can only imagine the look on your face.  I feel you make your request for me to part my thighs and they automatically comply.  I feel you move between my thighs and then there is a noise in the distance and my body stiffens as I begin to panic but you stop me by nipping at the insides of my thighs.  And with this simple motion all of my insecurities disappear . My back arches away from the mattress as you continue this mindless torture.  I’m lost somewhere between the here and now, my heartbeat seems to match the melody filling the air as it pulses throughout my core.  My thighs open further inviting you to explore further, as my moans beg for release.  My skin is on fire, my core feels like a waterfall and yet I’m vulnerable to your desires and wants. My thoughts take control again and fear sets in, what if someone else is here, what if he is filming this torture, then an immediate throbbing takes my thoughts away as he merely laps at my pearl and I release violently as he quickly inserts this tongue within my garden walls. My hips flinch roughly against the mattress as my hands grasp the sheets with no mercy for the pain I am inflicting on them.  As I vocalize my appreciative melody throughout the room.  Then he is gone and I feel so alone.  Trying to regulate my gasps for air I feel so Listless.  Before my mind tells my body to rest I feel my body being pulled upwards into the sitting position and then my dress is gone, next is my bra and I am completely exposed with the exception of the satin blindfold still blinding me from now.  He guides my body back down on the bed and then he takes my wrists and binds them together with what I can only imagine to be some kind of rope.  I pull against the ropes but it’s no use, I growl in frustration or is it desire.  He mocks me with his own growl of satisfaction of having me blinded by satin, confined my ropes and openly exposed for his delight.


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