He has my body against the wall, the plaster is cool against my skin, sending chills down my spine. His hands are roaming over the back of my body until he finds what he desires.  His right hand lands firmly upon my neck and a sigh crosses my lips.  His grasp tightens and I am shocked when his left hand lands sharply on my ass.  My breath catches in my throat leaving me unable to protest. “No sounds” he growls.  He is taking the one thing from me, my mind races and I inhale sharply making the faintest whimper cross my lips and in return I feel the same sharp pain on my ass again, but this time my core twinges with pleasure not felt before.  My mind and body are in a fight over what is normal and what is not by societies standards.  Should I disobey in hopes of feeling this new pleasure or should I remain silent like he demands?  My body wins out and moans begin escaping my sealed lips without regrets until he denied me my desire. A desire I never knew I longed for.  Instead I feel his body push up against mine holding me in place while his hands grab my wrists and pull them above my head. But no he doesn’t stop there. He ties my wrists above my head and now the feeling of helplessness kicks in.  I am at this man’s mercy.  MY mind is racing in so many  different directions, with so many emotions, so many ways this could go, do I hate this, or do I actually need this?  Have I really always craved giving up control or have I always just needed it taken? For me it is probably the latter, I crave control and because of  this my body doesn’t know what to do, but my mind says run and I try to get my hands free.  I feel so conflicted and this asshole knows it.  He fucking knows it and laughs as he smacks my ass again.  Again I whimper with pain or is it pleasure at this point I just do not know.  I’m scared, I’m excited, I’m soaking wet and trying to keep my thighs together.  He cannot know he has me, no not yet but as if he can read my thoughts I hear him commanding me to spread my thighs. I disobey him and squeeze my thighs tighter together as I pull against the restraints.  No I can’t give in, I can’t give up what little bit of control I have left.  Then the sharp pain I have come to long for takes my thoughts away, my breath catches in my throat, only choked sighs can be heard as a single tear peaks out the corner of my eye.  Once again it is as if he knows how my body is going to take and react to this new adventure, my deepest fantasy never shared with anyone.  I feel helpless, but the mere thought of my current situation increases the moisture between my thighs.


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