This time his hands are different. More demanding. They begin massaging a warm oil into my skin. He lingers at my breasts, rolling my nipple through his greedy fingertips. He moves down my body ignoring my center as he makes his way to my ankles and effortlessly flips me on my stomach. I gasp and he growls but did I hear two separate growls. In my hazy daze reality is not within my grasp.

I feel his hands concurring every inch of my being with this sensual torture.  His orders sound more like broken requests as he growls “on your knees”. I am now more exposed than before.  He continues his sensual massage upon my exposed ass and replaces his hands with his mouth as he begins to lap at my center with a different type of hunger than before.  It feels so different but I am to far gone to argue or demand an answer. As he takes me to uncharted waters as he teases my garden walls with his tongue and abruptly departs continuing upward spreading my desire along the way as he licks up till he finds my secret garden. Never before explored. He teases me with quick licks and then long strokes of his tounge as my hips begin a dance on their own inviting him to take me where I have yet to travel.  Writhing underneath his spell and he inserts two fingers inside my garden in search of my hidden treasures at the same time pressing against my secret garden a cool object seeks shelter. My hips have matched his guiding rhythm and long for more. The pressure is building and my gasps of desire let him know he can continue his journey. I feel so full once the object is within my secret garden. My spine tingles, the throbbing between my legs increases and I feel as if I am about to fall with nothing to land upon. Then I feel kisses upon my breasts. I’m so lost within the claws of desire that I cannot form sentences just moans of passion and gasps for air as they torture me to new heights.  There is a smack on my ass and one of them grab my knee and pull it just far enough off the bed to allow access to beneath my body but the torture at my center has not faltered. However it remains a constant focus by one until the other has claimed his spot beneath me .  As fingers are replaced by his rock hard member and the foreigner remains in my secret garden exploring me past my limits as if making room for something larger. Mentally and physically I am at their mercy. So far gone but not gone far enough away. I have no sense of control just a constant longing of release. As they grind my hips in a motion they prefer, a rythm never experienced before. The hands roam my skin and then the warmth returns to my secret garden and then an empty feeling is replaced  by is intruding desire unable to be controlled any longer. But somehow he remains in control as he falls in place with this sensual dance of desires and fills me in one long motion.  As my screams fill the room  by body senses so many emotions of shock, pain, pleasure, submission and so many more. They expertly move my body between them, taking me to depths of pleasure and pain never within my reach until now. Filling me beyond capacity and torturing my skin with their heated touch.


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