I am trying to process all of your questions and form some type of response so you do not become angry with me. But no matter how hard I try I cannot form a cohesive sentence to save me from this torture. You demand an answer and it shakes me to my core. I nod my head yes but it is not good enough for you. You unflinchingly roll my nipple through your fingertips sending waves to my core. I moan and yes crosses my lips as my head falls against the leather seats.

You tell me to open for you. My body responds instantly and you are greeted with my desire shimmering in the rays of the setting sun. I’m immediately embarrassed by this fact and why I do not know but I feel so conflicted in my emotions at this moment. Is it shame, desire, lust, enjoyment, my need to feel wanted. My thoughts crash in like waves during Katrina and you catch me slipping down my rabbit hole.  Then I am drawn back to know when you begin exploring my garden walls with a swift swirl and then you ambush my senses by claiming my pearl with an unforgiving rhythm. Through half lids I search my surroundings, I need to know if anyone can see what is happening to me. When I am greeted by the driver’s lustful stare. He shifts in his seat and the light changes. You insert the garden walls again and but with an urgent need. You begin to feel the affects of your torture as my body reaches the point of no return and your exploration becomes drenched with my desire. But one look from you and I know this night is far from over.


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