There are so many names given to submissive’s  from slave, pet,little, baby girl, princess and much more. Well slave as we already know is out of the question as of now, my mentor utilizes baby girl and pet. Pet is taking some getting used to but it does intrigue me. I often wonder why they use these two terms.  

Baby girl/good girl two terms I have always longed to be called. Its something about the way they sound coming off the lips of men. Especially if you know he is sincere.  The moment I hear or read these words my desire stirs to please and the anticipation of what is about to happen instantly produces moisture between my thighs. Why this turns me on I financially could not afford a shrinks fee to dive into my thoughts and diagnose me as a mental case because things taboo should not arouse me. 

Now today I uncovered a hard limit which is the derogatory names. Hell no! Nope, not me , I can’t do it… if you do more power  to you because this takes a very strong person. Yes I said strong because I was almost at the point of tears and ready to say fuck this. My mentor listened to my feelings in regards to this but at the same time I began to feel maybe I’m treading quicksand at this point. I hate some of my characteristics because I will put myself in harm’s way to please people. Or should I say men in general. And I promised myself not this time. I will not be used or abused because of my desires and my eagerness to learn. 

So with this being said Sir if I may speak freely….when selecting your description of me please do so to build me up and make me crave your commands. So your pleasure becomes mine.  Your desires fulfill my desires. 


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