Kneeling before a man you have to be out of your fucking mind with thinking that I am going to kneel and wait for instructions from you. That was the exact thought process I had when my mentor asked me about kneeling. For those of you who are new to this and are wanting to learn, Kneeling is when you (as a submissive) assume the position so to speak. The position of showing your Master/ Dominate that everything you do for him or her you are doing so willingly and with the utmost respect for them. It also shows your strength, devotion and contentment with your Sir.

From my research because I have not yet practiced kneeling but it is on my to do list this week to take 10-15 mins out of my day to experience kneeling and meditate on why this is of such importance not only to the Dom but the Submissive as well. I want to learn why this will benefit me in the long run. The articles that I have read all point back to the same feeling and or emotions for the submissive which are as follows:

Calming, Reverence, Surrender, Strength, Hope and Reset.

For your Dom the feelings are as follows:

Confidence, Strength, Assurance, Empowering, Control and Respect


It takes a lot for a submissive to assume the kneeling position. Many would suggest this is not a sign of strength but more of a degrading act. To me I am beginning to see the strength in kneeling. The amount of courage and power it takes to place yourself in such a vulnerable position willing. To show your Sir your full trust, devotion and most of all your submission.

Through my research I have found that there are many different forms of the kneeling position. This allows for one’s own personal interpretation. Meaning to me your Dom may have their very own special “kneeling” position that pleases them and only them.The top 9 positions that I have come across are considered the ones a submissive should learn and know the significance behind. So listed below are the positions  feel free to google more about them.

  1. Sit: where one will take a comfortable sitting position on the floor that is of their choosing with your eyes looking downwards.
  2. Kneel: you sit up on your knees with your hands behind your back your back will be straight and your eyes looking downwards.
  3. Down: you will lie face down on the floor with your legs wide open and your hands behind your back.
  4. Bend: you will stand with your legs wide and knees locked with either your hands resting on your knees or holding your ankles. (the punishment position)
  5. Fours: you will get on all fours with your elbows locked, head up and your knees together. (where you look depends on your master’s orders)
  6. Ass: you will assume the dog style position with your chin resting on the floor, knees wide and palms flat on the floor above your head.
  7. Wait: you will be up on your knees which are spread wide, hands will be behind your head and your will push your breast up and out.
  8. Present: you will be laying on your back with your head straight (basically looking only at the ceiling) arms outstretched above your head with palms up and your legs spread wide apart.
  9. Inspect: you will stand with your legs wide and your hands resting behind your neck, your eyes will remain on your master at all times. you will also push your breasts up and out for your master.

Each of these positions are not for your humiliation if you are in the hands of a true Dom but are for his pleasure which in turn becomes your pleasure from what my mentors have told me.




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