My mentors did not waste anytime getting to the “business” side of being a submissive and my research told me this is very important and should be put out there first thing when perusing a Dom. 

I have read blogs,documentary scripts and countless websites that teach you about contracts, limit questionnaires so on and so forth. Basically be prepared to have a cover letter and resume when auditioning a potential Dom. 

At first I was honest with my mentors because I have this belief that you are giving yourself mind, body and soul to your Dom then limits should be minimal because you have unwavering trust. So my answer was simply can I learn as I go? The answer was yes but then it opened a whole new can of worms that had me asking is anything ever simple or easy in my life. Ha that’s funny J’Marie when has anything gone smoothly for you in relationships.  When have you not let people just take what they want from you? And now the power is in my hands as to what is acceptable and what is forbidden?  And he cannot get upset and break any of the limits I have listed. They cannot be used against me in anyway? This is all new too me and it scares the hell out of me because once again my fear of disappointing someone while putting myself in harm’s way. 

Like we all learned earlier today a hard limit for me is derogatory comments.  Just thinking bout it pisses me the hell off and upsets me at the same time. I will not allow anyone I am intimate with to call me a slut, whore, bitch or anything that makes me feel like im less than the bubble gum on the bottom of your shoes. This is definitely a hard limit for me. Hard limits are all the hell no, not me, bye Felicia scenarios. Those limits where you would do serious harm to someone if they dared to tiptoe close to the edge, fuck that if they came within a hundred foot radius you would drop them with one shot and no questions asked.

At this moment I know this to be number one on the hell no list as I have termed it. Also know as The Devil is a lie list.


2. No harmful scenarios unless listed in contract with detailed agreements.  
As of now two hard limits. Both could be detrimental if ignored and could officially push me over the edge but I am sure that more will be added as well as taken away throughout the finding of my submission. 

Please sir be patient with me as I find myself through my journey of submission to you. 


4 thoughts on “Limits….. need I say more 

  1. Sometimes you don’t know your limits until you experience them. Of course, you don’t want your partner to leave you when you assert your limits especially if you’ve had some time together!


  2. This is very true dave94015. If you really think about it we all have limits within “vanilla” relationships but they are never spoken of. In this life you must voice your fears. In all actuality this “lifestyle” makes you find yourself so to speak.


  3. I think subs get a bad rap; there’s an idea that subs are all slobbering dishrags. No, thank you. There are limits. The word “no” exists. You just have to find the right relationship that works for you.

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