As we drive down the dark and almost vacant city side streets I recognize where you are taking me. We normally visit during the early evening for drinks and sushi. You have brought me here on one or more occasions, however tonight seems different. As you assist me with getting out of your vehicle I am instantly embraced with the lingering effects of a mysterious lust in the air. My nipples harden simultaneously as this breeze caresses my skin. You take my hand in yours and lead the way into the dimly lit establishment,  directly past the waiting line and the  security officers in the lobby. We continue our way through the  plush sitting of the main bar passing by a few couples who are lost in their own desires and arrive in front of the antique mahogany door with a black handle which is blocked by yet another member of the House’s security. “Mr. Johnson”, is all he says as he opens the door and let’s us walk by.  I am overwhelmed with thoughts, I do not remember seeing this door before, where does this narrow hallway lead too?  As we continue down this zig zag path lit only by the candles on the wall our shadows dance past several wooden doors each possessing their own distinct mark. Your pace slows as we round the last corridor and arrive in yet another plush open sitting area. However this time there are more couples standing about. Some in suits and revealing dresses. Where others have removed their ties, rolled their short sleeves up and others only have only heels and under garments on. I am frozen in place taking it all in. I feel invisible to their desires. Like this is a movie, or a dream but this is not my reality.

That mindset was quickly taken away as you press against my back and whisper  your commands in my ear. You begin by asking me about my thoughts. Does this turn you on my pet? Are they making you wet my pet? Just the mere mention of my pet sends shivers down my spine and mixing that with the scenes unfolding before my eyes I am beginning to lose any sense of self-possession I had when we first arrived. I feel myself traveling down a dangerous path but it has set my body on fire. I should not be finding pleasure in watching these complete strangers. Bodies of different complications, sizes and shapes. Each is unique in itself, a canvas for someones pleasure no matter what that might be.  You bring me away from my thoughts when you begin to unzip the back of my dress and it falls in a puddle on the floor at my feet. Leaving me exposed for all to see. The only items covering my skin are my matching black lace undergarments, thigh high stockings and my black stilettos. The pearls that hang around my neck land in a double strand one touching my breasts and the other my bare bellybutton. My body tries to  shield itself from the attention now being shown to us. My skin is instantly covered in chill bumps as you run your hand down my back and obsessively grab my ass letting all who are watching know I am yours.

As I am standing there you begin to circle me, looking me up and down, in almost and intimidating manner and instinctively my eyes look down at the floor. I feel uncomfortable and you know this and it pisses me off. You are pushing my limits, my comfort zone, you are forcing me to realize things about myself that I do not find to be true. However the looks on the watching faces proves your point for you. I am attractive, I am sexy and I am a submissive. You stop in front of me and look me in my eyes as if searching to see how far you can safely take this. I guess you found the answer you were looking for because your next question took my breath away. You asked me who I found attractive in the room. Your instructions were clear. I was to scan the room without moving my head only my eyes to find someone who spoke to my desires but then you would pick someone as well. Not knowing what you have planned I am cautious in my choosing. As I scan the room there are so many beautiful creatures all anticipating my decision. I feel powerful at the moment, I feel wanted and desired. I make my initial scan of the crowd I find hidden in the corner of the room a figure so commanding but gentle. His eyes speak to my soul and I dare not say that out loud. As I drink in this figure, I am longing for his hands to touch me, his mouth to engulf mine, his words to caress my thoughts. You have been spotted the one responsible for my roller coaster of thoughts and you motion in his direction. My eyes immediately return to boring a hole in the floor. I hate that you know me so well, I hate that you know the things that I need before I know that I need them. I sense the tension rising in the room and unbeknownst to me and her, at that moment you have picked the last piece of the puzzle . 


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