Safewords are your right as a submissive and must be respected by your Dom at all times. With me beginning my journey into submission and unaware of what my hard limits are this is a mantra I will repeat to myself to become comfortable with voicing my Safeword without feeling guilty for doing so. From all my research guilt should never be emotion you feel after abruptly ending a scene because it has crossed a boundary you cannot comprehend at the moment. 

Safewords are not only used to end a scene but you can have safewords that mean everything is good, proceed with caution and stay now. You as a submissive have to communicate the awareness to your Dom and if he or she is a good Dom they will never ignore your words during a scene. 

For me until becoming further involved in being a submissive will utilize three safewords which will be as follows.

Everything good: cash

Proceed with caution: hurricane 

Stop now: red

Will I probably use my safewords in the beginning a lot . Yes I am . Will it always be necessary probably not. However for me until I can completely turn my mind off and just feel these words are my security blanket that things will not go to far but will allow me to process what is happening and why I do or do not like something. 

Please consider your very own Safeword to protect not only you but your Dom as well.


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