It had been one of those days and being that it was Friday i wanted it over as fast as possible. It was just a little after 10 o’clock when you walked in my office with that shit eating grin that you posses oh so well. I was not in the mood to deal with you today at all, but you didn’t heed the warning my assistant gave you and proceeded right in. She was always jealous of your flirtation with me and why you would  not give her a second look even though she was willing to let you do whatever your heart pleased to her. I on the other hand could see through your bullshit . Yes I would tease you with my words and test your control with my clothing choices but to me all I wanted was to fuck with your senses even though a part of me wanted you between my thighs. You could not handle me even though you thought you were up for the challenge. 

My employees would always say slick shit to antagonize you as well as me. There were plenty of times I imagined you beneath my desk pleasuring me with your mouth until I begged for you to bend me over my desk and have your way. However these were the fantasies that I dared to not make my reality cause to be honest I did not want the drama that came with a random hook up especially with you. I am not one that many can easily walk away from. As you entered my office talking cash money shit the look on my face made you change your tactic and I couldn’t help but laugh. No matter how much you pissed  me off I still wanted you. To have you take control and all I could do is take every sensation you have to give me. You saw this was not going anywhere and left but something told me this was far from over. 

It had has been one stressful phone call and report after the other. Pulling my office door shut I looked at my assistant and told her I was going for some air.   She looked at me suspiciously at my timing but unbenost to me you had come back by the office because you were bored and had just left. As I made my way through the back of the office and out the rear entrance the sunshine kissed my skin as a gentle breeze caressed me. I made my way around the office buildings and I knew I was slowly approaching the back entrance too your office and every inch of my being stirred. An aching between my thighs began taking over any sense of self preservation that I had. Then there you were staring at me like I was your prey. Then tension was so thick anyone that past by would notice and probably beg to watch. Im unable to move when all I want to do is turn around and run back to my office. You motion for me and against my better judgement I heed your command. You direct  me to walk ahead of you and once again against better judgement I comply. 

Then it happened, you had me against the wall with your hands on my neck. Unable to escape and not knowing if I really wanted to. You began kissing me deeply and exploring my body with your hands. You abruptly ended our kiss and told me to place my hands above my head. You held them there while admiring my body at your control. You began pulling my fitted pencil skirt up my thighs and I’m completely lost in the moment. It had been so long since someone had taken me in such a way and I could no longer hide my need for this, for you. You felt my desire through my soaked thong  and you give me your famous grin. My skirt is at my waist, my hair is entwined in your hand holding me in place as your hands explore my wetness.  I know I am teetering on the edge of no return , between the lust in your eyes and the waterfall between my thighs it’s  sending me spiraling and my mind over rules my body and I try and push you away. I can’t do this is all I can say between breathless gasps. You begin undoing your zipper and I know I have to run. I push past you and I can see the frustration and fire in your eyes. I run outside and take a deep breath. I hear you coming behind me yelling my name, if I turn around you will see my conundrum of body and mind. My body craves you but my mind says your no good. 


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