I’m standing there still exposed, eyes cast to the floor with my soul bared to complete strangers. I hear commotion but dare not look around, you have a demeanor unseen by me until now. The alpha male I have longed to experience but I’m to scared to watch. The selections have moved within mere inches of my personal space, I see the tips of their shoes from my viewpoint. I feel your eyes on me but can tell you are not near me which begins to stir my anxiety.  I hear you speaking but it’s not directed towards me.

“Look at me my pet” you command and my eyes instantly seek you. You are making your way towards me but you are not alone. There are three members of the house following closely behind you and panic sets in but you know me so well and calm me with a your smirk that I love so much. I know this is what you desire and you know what I need. I have put my trust in you and only you. You take the black scarf and place it in view as you begin to tell me what you have planned for your pleasure.

First I am going to place this scarf over your eyes so you are unable to see. I want you to only feel, taste, hear and smell. I want to take away your ability to touch by confining your hands with this silken rope. I do not want you to feel in the literal sense but feel all the sensations given to you. Do you understand my pet? You stand there, waiting for my response. Judging my anxiety making sure you only keep me on the edge not tossing me over. I stare back at you through lust filled eyes and you have your answer.


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