You want to know where women’s attitudes come from. Now keep in mind I am speaking particularly about myself….well completely about myself. Yes a lot of the things I speak of will cover many women but we are all different. 

Enjoy 🙃

You say I have an attitude…. I roll my eyes and walk away.

I know I do and you gave it to me. Ha take that. 

Once again though I am in the wrong ,but the lack of dick is who’s fault? 

What was that? Hmm… I cant hear you. 

I have long days as well but that ain’t a fucking excuse. 

My mama always said, ladies feel free to join in, if he ain’t fucking you doesn’t mean he ain’t fucking! 

Yes women are guilty of withholding the kitty but I’m sorry ladies I never boarded that train.

I need the dick on a daily basis. Hell morning, noon and night. So much so I despise mother nature. Can’t stand the bitch .

So on top of withholding the dick from me if our text conversations change or if I don’t feel like I can call you…well we got problems.  

If the number of random smacks on my ass decrease yes I will wonder if another ass has stolen your focus.

Yes you can say I’m simply complicated and a tad bit twisted but either you can handle my attitude or you can’t.  Simple as that.


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