My body shivers and shudders at his mastered touch.

He has me on my knees arms behind my back .

He grasps my hair and pulls my head down and backwards in one swift motion .

Sternly he whispers. Not yet. 

I buck against you in defiance and the pull intensifies.

Punishing and pleasuring at the same time. 

You sense my delight and pin me to the bed.

Spread eagle with your hands forcefully securing me between the mattress and you.

Leaving me to take what you give me.

Forcing me to beg for my release.

You take me to the edge but refuse to push me over. 

I need you to take it. Take my release.

Please sir, I…I..dont know how much longer…

The pleasurable torture continues at a frantic pace knowing he is close…

Your grip tightens on my wrists as you continue to ignore my crys for release.

Then the words you knew would shake me to my core….

Cum for me my pet.

And it sets off the most soul wrenching waves of pleasurable release.

As my body writhes underneath him I feel his building .

Building until you fill me with your release.


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