Growing up in Montgomery, Al and residing there for the majority of my life I have always loved to escape this world through my twisted thoughts, desires and wishes.Whether getting lost in a book, cooking, writing, music and basically anything that did not have to deal with the fucked up reality of life.  When I took flight in May of 2014 I was not exactly prepared for the roller coaster of events and many continue to play in my head like a bad version of Ground Hog Day.  We moved to Tuscaloosa, then back to Montgomery and now home is Tampa, Florida.

Being surrounded by a city I never in my wildest dreams thought I would call home and I am here. I am surrounded by a city that never sleeps, sandy beaches and waves crashing brings me a peace I have never felt before. I have found a new love for the hot sunny days sitting on the white sandy beaches in complete arousal with mother nature. This allows me the opportunity to escape even farther giving free rein to my thoughts as they find their way before you all. For this I am thankful and blessed.