You….Me……and Her….But What About Him?

You….Me……and Her….But What About Him?

We both know things are not right.

Pieces of the puzzle that are missing.

Things that go unspoken to protect each other.

But the music tells all..

Killing emotions with to many drugs.

Painting a mirage to our reality.

You want me and her but won’t let me be with him.

Double standard much?

So I should be willing to give up what I desire for your insecurities?

For one of us to still fall short of happiness?

To not fully find ourselves?

I just don’t understand where the misunderstanding is coming from.

You, me and her is good but you, me and him is wrong?


Correct Me This Way

Correct Me This Way

When my mouth is out of line.

When I roll my eyes.

When I just want to be a brat.

Thats when I need you to put me in my place. 

I need you to be rough with me. 

I need you to pin me down and have no mercy.

So Close…

So Close…

My body shivers and shudders at his mastered touch.

He has me on my knees arms behind my back .

He grasps my hair and pulls my head down and backwards in one swift motion .

Sternly he whispers. Not yet. 

I buck against you in defiance and the pull intensifies.

Punishing and pleasuring at the same time. 

You sense my delight and pin me to the bed.

Spread eagle with your hands forcefully securing me between the mattress and you.

Leaving me to take what you give me.

Forcing me to beg for my release.

You take me to the edge but refuse to push me over. 

I need you to take it. Take my release.

Please sir, I…I..dont know how much longer…

The pleasurable torture continues at a frantic pace knowing he is close…

Your grip tightens on my wrists as you continue to ignore my crys for release.

Then the words you knew would shake me to my core….

Cum for me my pet.

And it sets off the most soul wrenching waves of pleasurable release.

As my body writhes underneath him I feel his building .

Building until you fill me with your release.

My Attitude…

My Attitude…

You want to know where women’s attitudes come from. Now keep in mind I am speaking particularly about myself….well completely about myself. Yes a lot of the things I speak of will cover many women but we are all different. 

Enjoy šŸ™ƒ

You say I have an attitude…. I roll my eyes and walk away.

I know I do and you gave it to me. Ha take that. 

Once again though I am in the wrong ,but the lack of dick is who’s fault? 

What was that? Hmm… I cant hear you. 

I have long days as well but that ain’t a fucking excuse. 

My mama always said, ladies feel free to join in, if he ain’t fucking you doesn’t mean he ain’t fucking! 

Yes women are guilty of withholding the kitty but I’m sorry ladies I never boarded that train.

I need the dick on a daily basis. Hell morning, noon and night. So much so I despise mother nature. Can’t stand the bitch .

So on top of withholding the dick from me if our text conversations change or if I don’t feel like I can call you…well we got problems.  

If the number of random smacks on my ass decrease yes I will wonder if another ass has stolen your focus.

Yes you can say I’m simply complicated and a tad bit twisted but either you can handle my attitude or you can’t.  Simple as that.



Could it be that you are willing to give me what I need?

Can you finally see the joy and excitement it brings me?

I am willing to do anything for you but can you see this?

We are so much alike you say, then you should know my deepest desires since they resemble yours.

You should know I desperately crave a firm hand just as much as I desire your gentleness. 

I need to submit to my king and be who you need me to be. 

I see you have it within you, but are you afraid you will hurt me?

Rules and limits can be put in place.

The only fear I hold is that it’s too much for you, but I know that’s not true. Do you?

Am I Fighting AloneĀ 

Am I Fighting AloneĀ 

When two broken souls come together as one it can be beautiful or it can be volatile. 

Broken trust leads to questions, questions lead to arguments.

Arguments lead to silence lingering in the morning light and an aching loneliness at night.

Like strangers in the same bed but without the normal scorching heat. 

No, no more of the coldness of the Bering Sea. The one not even the warmth of the strongest liquor  can warm.

Fake smiles in front of the children so they do not worry. But they know. 

The air chokes me to my core while you seem well.

Marks of another Damn near killed me. 

I want to touch you, I want to feel you. 

I don’t want this to be our end. 

Can we be each other’s better half again or will we once again let our demons win?